Terms of Engagement


By placing a booking, you agree to and are bound by the following terms of engagement.

All arwork prices are quoted on a single draft basis except where multiple artworks are requested by a single order.

I do not provide preview images in advance of the completed piece. See below for details I reserve the right to decline any project(s) that I find objectionable, offensive, unreasonable or illegal. I also reserve the right to cancel any project(s) at any time during the commission process, should the client be or become rude, offensive, irrational or unrealistic in their expectations, or if the working relationship becomes untenable. If this becomes the case, all monies paid will be retained by me in view of work already carried out.

Redraft Fees.

A redraft fee of 50% will be applicable whenever a client decides to alter an already submitted booking in part or in whole. If the client has poorly explained, or misled, in the original consultation, intentionally or otherwise, the redraft fee will be applicable. Should a booking be mis-interpreted or misunderstood on my part (the artist), no additional fees will apply. This is solely at my discrection. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you (the client) provide full, accurate details of your requirements at the time of placing your booking, supported by any other media, whether in graphical or written form.


I currently only take payment via Paypal. Details are provided on the invoice, on completion of your 'Booking'.

Full payment is required in advance of any works being carried out. Final proofs are only issued if payment has been made in full, detailed on the invoice provided.

All clients will pay for their 'Booking' in advance of any works being carried out. Unless you are a contracted client, then you must pay for all of your contracted covers upfront. Before any works are carried out. I do not offer credit terms.

These Terms of Engagement are subject to change at any time without prior notice (written or otherwise) being given. It is solely at your discretion to keep up to date with these terms of engagement and prices listed within this site.