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Who Am i

See what I am made of!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lee Bowes-Russell. Artist name 'Elvenesque', a professional digital artist. Australian born, living and working in the UK. As a freelancer, specialising in photo-realism. Be it painted in Photoshop or rendered in 3D.

My artistic background and more.

I am a completely self taught artist. Preferring the process of trial and error, to improve my stills. As I have found personally that making mistakes has helped me to grow faster and become a much better artist. Books and art courses can only teach you so much. Without doing the hours or practice is what makes you fundamentally better as an artist. In short there are no short cuts to becoming a proficient artist.

My Teen Years...

As a teenager I was fascinated by people, especially their faces, in particular cartoons, pencil portraiture, chalk and charcoal and even watercolour and ink works at school. One of my art teachers told me that I didn't see the world the way others did. What she meant by this was, I see the world in colour. As my course work vary rarely featured black... especially true black. As I happen to think that true black is not possible in our world.

Change of Direction...

In my late teens I changed my focus to fashion art, which lead to me owning and running a small clothing business from home, designing my own creations.

A People's Person...

From the age of 24 I decided to work with the elderly, in the mental health sector. Which I did right through until 2007... when I decided to return to my true passion of art. This time around going head long into the mysterious and relatively new world of 3D modelling.

3D Modelling and Texturing...

I had been 3D modelling since late October 2004 (Using 3D Studio Max). Because I had recently started playing around with 3D meshes. In particular the Aiko mesh by Daz3D. I wanted to create clothing for her initially. As fashion art has always been an interest of mine.

Having already got a copy of Poser 5. By the then Curious Labs (For figure manipulation). I then spent the following ten months perfecting the art of texturing. Working with Daz3D's David 3.0 figure. By the autumn of 2005 I released my first ever figure texture called 'Khann Construction Kit for David 3.0' (Now retired). Which was a triple character pack. Comprising of 'Vampire', 'Filipino' and 'Afro' Khann. I've never been know for doing things by halves...

Then I went back to modelling clothing as I had been bitten by the dynamic capabilities of Poser 5. Something I greatly enjoy when and as I get the time, even to this day.

Over the years I have amassed a huge back catalogue of 3D products. Which are sold on our I use the term 'our' because Kaos3D is a joint venture with my hubby of 16 years.

Digital Painting...

I have worked with Adobe Photoshop since before it was known as 'Photoshop'. With a little over 27 years of experience in digital painting. Yes really that long. So I know how to get the best out of the software.


I have taught many people how to post-work their 3D creations via MSN over the years too. As I enjoy giving the benefit of my experience to others. So they can grow and further their skills.

eBook Cover Artist...

In addition to this I have many many eBook covers to my credit.

Influences & Inspiration

My greatest artistic influence has to be the one and only Boris Vallejo. He totally mastered the painting of human forms. In my humble opinion. I grew up admiring his artworks in magazines and on posters. Back in the day when fantasy art was in it's hay day.

As for inspiration, I have always been blessed with a vivid imagination. A love of music helps too. As I find a song can get my little grey cells working if all else fails. That's why you will often see the title of a song used for an image title.

Tools of the Trade:


Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Painting, post-work & Texturing).
Blacksmith 3D (for Character Seams).
Silo 2.1 (for Modelling).
ZBrush (for Modelling & Morphing).
UVMapper Pro (Obviously for UV Mapping).
Poser Pro 11 (for Morphing, Rigging & Rendering Indoor Scenes)
Daz Studio 4.9 Pro (Iray Rendering).
Vue Xstream 2015 (for Rendering Outdoor Scenes)

Why Should You Commission Me


Devil's in the Details...

I am well known for my high resolution artworks that have super fine details, like skin pores, damage, scars, veins etc. I am blessed with a vivid imagination, allowing me to create truly beautiful pieces of art for you.


Having a traditional media background gives my artworks substance and true believability. Also being a 3D artist makes me a well rounded artist. Which has given me a greater understanding of form, lighting and shadows.

Friendly & Helpful Service...

I provide a friendly, helpful, affordable and most of all, quality service.