• With over 27 years of experience in both traditional & digital media.
  • Bringing the famous to life.
  • Have your favourite star rendered as a fantasy character, ie. Elf, Wizard, Troll, Demon, Angel, Superhero, etc.
  • Bring the happy ever after to your treasured screen icon.
  • Give your loved ones that special touch of magic. Perfect for special momentos, cards and gifts, etc.
  • Create an everlasting memory of that special someone.
  • From the 50's hourglass to the all American girl-next-door, have her adorn your next year's calendar and more.
  • So you have your all singing, all dancing book finished. Now all you need is a high quality cover to make it stand out from the rest.
  • Product creators, have devilish detail in your product promotional art.
  • Have your concept art brought to life with stunning realism.

Welcome to Elvenesque's On-line Studio

Works by UK Based Digital Artist Lee Bowes-Russell

Special Offers

Get 25% off your first digital painting as a new customer.

Bulk Discounts

If you have a project that requires several pieces, ie. 10 or more you will qualify for a bulk discount. The amount of discount is calculated on the number of pieces required and therefore is done on a project by project basis.

Hours of Service

Please be aware that when making a booking, I am based in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, please allow for any delay in responding due to time zone differences.

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